Smooth and pleasant experience

It was the most smooth and pleasant experience to have John as our real estate broker when we bought our house. John was with us from the very beginning till we closed the house at Attorney’s office scrutinizing each and every point. His professionalism and attention to minute details is what impressed us the most. Also Johnny never pushed us to make a decision. As a matter of fact, he prevented us from writing a contract for a house, which might have some flooding issues. He showed his extreme professionalism by looking up the flood zone maps and found that the house was too close to it. Another strength John has, is the ability to get the best value for the money. He does his own rough appraisal of the property and gets his way through for the best deal without any inclination for his personal gain. He was very patient with us, answering each and every question in detail, explaining all the financial and house matters that a first time home buyer needs