Will remain with him for as long as we have the house

Attempting to rent our home in Charlotte, while living in Texas, turned into a pretty traumatic experience.  Trying to ascertain prospective tenants’ credit, never getting to personally interview them and trying to resolve lease issues over the phone and through the mail made it a real nightmare.  Neither one of us had family or friends that could attend to the issues of owning a rental property for us.  After researching the options and speaking to quite a few property managers in the area, we chose John Peters to manage the property.  John seemed extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and eager to get the house rented- which was our main concern.  With John on the job, the house was quickly rented to excellent tenants.  Since then, we have received rent every month on time (which did not always happen before) and John has been very diligent in helping us resolve any maintenance issues.  We are extremely pleased that we chose him as our property manager and will remain with him for as long as we have the house